My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

Since the Albany Catholic Diocese was founded one hundred and fifty eight years ago, the mission of the Church has remained constant: to proclaim God’s Word, to celebrate the Eucharist and the sacraments, to build up Christian communities and to imprint the world of our times with the seal of Jesus Christ. Although each generation of Catholics has faced its own unique challenges and opportunities in an ever-changing world and church, one challenge permeates all generations: to preserve and enhance the mission of Jesus for ourselves and the next generation.

Thirty years ago, the Second Vatican Council, with its provocative concept of shared responsibility, exhorted us to recognize the responsibility for the life, work and mission of the church belongs to each of us and, in affect, stated that if the Gospel of Jesus Christ in to be taken seriously at all, then it must be taken seriously by all. Prudent stewardship dictates that our primary challenge in this transitional church is to rethink the most equitable and economic use of all of our resources so that we can provide comprehensive pastoral services as we embrace the third millennium.

The future mission of our church will be built and sustained, primarily, on a foundation of endowment gifts. The continual building of The Foundation of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany is critical to the future ability of our parishes, schools, Catholic Charities and other Diocesan ministries and programs to adequately fulfill the mission of Jesus Christ in our time. In a very real way, The Foundation of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany is our legacy to the future. My prayer is that one hundred years from now, a future Bishop of Albany and all of God’s people will rejoice and proclaim that we too had the vision, courage and will to do ‘our share’.

May our Lord abundantly bless this Foundation that has and will be built, in a spirit of faith, hope and love.

Sincerely Yours,

Bishop of Albany